Tribute Gardens



Otken Garden
Edwin J. and Ida M. Otken Memorial Garden
suna nd shade
Lillian Koelsch Gazebo at the Art Rudolph Sun and Shade Garden
adirondack chairs
Adirondack chairs in the Edwin J. and Ida M. Otken Memorial Garden

The Tribute Gardens are a series of 'outdoor rooms' that are available for a person, family or corporation to build in honor of someone they know or love.  The gardens are arranged and connected much as rooms would be in a home. The style of each outdoor room reflects that of it's affiliated indoor room. There is a recreation room, parlor, dining room, library, pantry, kitchen, and art room, along with a master bedroom and a bedroom suite! 

The Garden Library is the Art Rudolph Sun and Shade Garden.  Appropriate for a library, it has two patios – including one beneath the Lillian Koelsch gazebo – for quietly sitting and reading a book.  The sound of bubbling water flowing from a water urn serves as the background music.  This room also features plants that will provide color and interest in a garden that spends part of the day in sun, the remainder in shade.  The conditions are typical of the challenges most homeowners battle at home, permitting gardeners to gain inspiration and ideas from these plantings. 

The recreation room, the Edwin J. and Ida M. Otken Memorial Garden, is now finished.  Partially enclosed by a 'Victorian Style' fence, the recreation room features a mixed border of shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses, a large walk area, and a central grass circle that features two, over- sized, Adirondack chairs.  The chairs not only add a sculptural quality, but are also a great prop for pictures and for pre-K and elementary school teachers to sit upon while reading a quick lesson!

The concept of this series of gardens is to not only honor someone else, but to provide useful, educational and entertaining spaces for the public to enjoy.