2019 Plant Breeding option


Plant Breeding is an optional component of the Public Garden Management program that provides a focus on more specialized work with plants. This concentration is available for 2 of the Public Garden Management applicants, who will spend part of each week working alongside the plant breeding coordinator. Topics include general horticultural and propagation practices, plant evaluations and ratings, hybridization techniques, and basic flower morphology and plant genetics. Combined with our Public Garden Management course, students gain both educational and practical experience through hands-on projects. Ultimately, the college students in this option learn how to set objectives and understand the workings of a breeding project. This track gives a very unique and well-rounded view of working in a plant-oriented setting, especially for students seeking jobs in horticulture, industry, or plant science.

Plant breeding plant breeding
Labeling hybrid crosses
Planting Schizachyrium


Tasks differ a bit each year. In addition to the necessary mulching, weeding, and tending to the breeding stock, interns learn about flower structures, cross pollinating, trait inheritance, and assessing plant performance in various growing conditions. There is plenty of hands-on breeding work in our primary Hemerocallis (daylily) project, which will include making new crosses and planting hybrid seedlings. Summer of 2018 marks the fifth year of our evaluation trials of Hydrangea paniculata (panicled hydrangeas), which will be rated for various characteristics, including bloom time, color, and performance. Each summer we do some smaller breeding experiments with other plant species, which have included ornamental corn (Zea mays) varieties, Silene (campion), Tropaeolum (nasturtium), Baptisia (false indigo), Illicium (star anise), Begonia, and Penstemon species. Pumpkins and ornamental peppers are two other plants under consideration for future breeding work.

2019 Internship Application Step 1. Download the blank PDF file to your computer. Step 2. Open the file on your computer and fill in the requested fields. Step 3. Re-save the file and email to Clayton Leadbetter. For more information please email Clayton Leadbetter or call 732-932-8451.
The internship will start Monday, May 13, 2019 and end Friday, August 23, 2019
Completed applications must be received February 15, 2018 interviews week of February 19, 2019.