The Ornamental Tree Collection

Photo: Chinese Dogwood. Photo: Paper Bark Maple.
Chinese Dogwood
(Cornus Kousa)
Paper Bark Maple
(Acer Griseum)

There are a number of unusual small trees that have reached a size and maturity not often seen in New Jersey gardens.

The ornamental tree (the 'Small Tree') is a tree that grows to approximately 30' tall at maturity, and is ideal for the average residential landscape.

Included among the many gems that you will find are the little known India Quassiawood (Picrasma ailanthoides), the state's largest Paperbark Maple (Acer griseum), a very large and elegant Persian Ironwood (Parrotia persica), and one of the finest Chinese Dogwoods (Cornus kousa var. chinensis) that you will find (a plant that we fondly call 'Patches', due to its attractive exfoliating bark).

Photo: Chinese Dogwood - Patches.
Chinese Dogwood - Patches
(Cornus Kousa - 'Patches')