Log Cabin/Pavilion Rentals

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Tucked away on the campus of Rutgers University, Rutgers Gardens is a series of enchanting gardens, beautiful trees, flowers, and rolling lawns, making it the perfect place for any special event. The historic Log Cabin and Pavilion in the Gardens provide an outdoor, rustic feeling, which includes a view of Weston Mills pond as a scenic backdrop.

Rutgers Gardens is the ideal location for all types of events, including weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and company picnics. We offer premier catering. You can choose from one of our 3 approved caterers (see below) who can provided all of your full service event planning and staffing needs. The possibilities are endless.


Please be sure that you read and understand the Event Guidelines listed below before you pay the security deposit. Deposits are non-refundable until after your event has taken place at the Rutgers Gardens.

2018 Event Guidelines
Sample Contract

A security deposit is due at the time a reservation is made and is not refunded until after the event has taken place. The links above will provide you with all of the necessary guidelines.
For pricing information and available dates please contact:
Nancy Herbert
Phone (732) 932-8451

Approved Catering - Caterers are required to be on the grounds for the duration of your event.

The Food Architects 732-572-1110
Anthony Reis or Kurt Hamon

Rutgers Catering 848-932-6759
Heather Scarola-Dafnos

Twin Oaks 732-238-4600
Mike Pelligra


Log Cabin and Alumni Pavilion Complex

patio awnings
Patio between Cabin and Alumni Pavilion
Weather awnings hung on the Pavilion
cabin fireplace restroom kitchen
Interior of the Log Cabin
Restroom in the Log Cabin
Log Cabin kitchen


The Log Cabin is a historic building located within the confines of Rutgers Gardens, Rutgers University's beautiful arboretum and botanical garden. Construction on the Cabin begun in 1935 by the Work Project Administration (WPA) at a cost to Rutgers University of $5,000 in materials. It is equipped with a spacious lounge, two large stone fireplaces, kitchen facilities and a back porch which overlooks scenic Weston's Mill Pond.

In 1993, the Cook/CAES Alumni Association secured the funds to construct the Alumni Pavilion as a covered, open walled supplementary structure to the Log Cabin. The Pavilion is a 40' x 60 'and can accommodate approximately 200 people. An attractive memorial brick patio joining the Cabin and Pavilion was added soon after the pavilion's completion.

The Log Cabin & Alumni Pavilion complex, which is managed by Rutgers Gardens and rented as a single facility, hosts a large number of corporate events, weddings, parties, and campus events each year (April through October). Having your special event at the Rutgers Gardens helps to secure the future of the Gardens which are primarily self supporting. Proceeds from the Log Cabin/Pavilion events help provide the funds needed for maintenance of the Gardens, new plant additions, student employment within the gardens, and monthly expenses.