Landscape Design

Build-A-Pond Day NEW
This hands-on class will take you through all the details of designing and creating your own pond and waterfall for your home.  Tom will cover the specifics of how to site, excavate a pond, lay-out the pond liner, proper sizing and locating of the pump and how to install a proper filtration system.  The class will focus upon rebuilding a pond at Rutgers Gardens and much of the class will permit learning by doing, which helps to eliminate many questions that never become known in just a classroom situation.  Please dress accordingly for hands-on programming.
Instructor:  Tom Smith                                                Fee:  $65.00   
Date:  April 13, 2013                                                  Time:  9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Location:  Rutgers Gardens                                        MG-CEU: 

The Art and Principles of Asian Garden Design NEW
Almost all gardeners enjoy and appreciate fine Asian Gardens.  However, I suspect that most gardeners do not understand the major differences in the design philosophy of historic Chinese Gardens verses Japanese Gardens.  Seiko will provide you with an understanding of how and why these gardens differ and share some of the design principles from these fantastic and beautiful gardens that you can apply to your garden.
Instructor:  Dr. Seiko Goto                                          Fee:  $50.00   
Date:  April 20, 2013                                                  Time:  10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location:  Rutgers Gardens                                        MG-CEU:  2.0

The Basics of Designing Your Home Landscape NEW
One of the most difficult things to grasp is the basic principles of how to design an outdoor environment at home for your family and friends.  It simply seems overwhelming and you simply end up copying your neighbors and ringing your house with shrubs!  This two-week course will focus upon how to properly develop a proper arrival space for the front yard and entertainment space in the back yard.  The class will focus upon the architecture of your home, views relative from the street and from inside the home and how to create inviting spaces in a property that is ¼ acre to over 5 acres!  Bruce will share his thoughts from his 30 years of designing gardens that varied from small, intimate spaces to developing a 180-acre botanic garden!  Bring in pictures and/or plans of your garden during the first class which highlight some of your gardening ‘challenges’ – these ‘challenges’ will be discussed and some solutions presented during the second class.
Instructor:  Bruce Crawford                                       Fee:  $120.00
Date:  June 8 and 15, 2013                                         Time:  9:00 AM -12:00 PM    
Location:  Rutgers Gardens                                        MG-CEU

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