Donald B. Lacey Display Garden

This garden area is named for the Extension Specialist in home Horticulture – Mr. Donald B. Lacy – who in 1964 oversaw the conversion of a massive display of Bearded Iris into a demonstration garden for annuals that are suitable for the home landscape. This garden has grown into one of the finest displays of unusual and colorful annuals, tropicals, herbs and vegetables that can be visited in the state of New Jersey.
Visitors are awestruck by the dizzying array of colors and textures found in this garden's beds and containers.   Designed annually by our staff horticulturist Monica Mclaughlin, the garden is dutifully planted and maintained by volunteers and interns. The gardens are arranged in an attractive formal pattern around a central pond. The planting design of these gardens change yearly, so please come back often to enjoy the new spectacles!
Two perennial beds - called the Chroma Gardens - border this display of annuals. Initially designed by a student in the landscape architecture department, these borders feature plants that focus upon yellow, blue, red and purple. The Chroma Gardens include grasses, cut backs (woody plants that are cut back heavily each spring) and perennials. New this year is a mixed border that was designed by an adult education class offered at the Gardens.  Similar to the Chroma Gardens, this bed includes shrubs, perennials and grasses, but focuses upon plants that provide a greatly extended season of interest in regards to flowering, texture or foliage coloration.
Also new this year is the All American Selection (AAS) garden.  Founded in 1932, All American Selections focus upon annuals, vegetables and perennials that are not only grown from seed, but are far superior to other seed produced plants.  The AAS bed for 2012 features a number of great award nominees from the current and past years that are exceptional and should be featured in your garden!   In addition, many of the AAS winners and plants featured in the Donald B. Lacy Garden are available at our spring plant sale, offered every Friday through Sunday of Mother’s Day Weekend!

Perennial Beds -
called the chroma gardens - border the annual gardens. A student in the landscape architecture department designed these perennial borders as final project in Herbaceous Plants. They feature grasses, cut backs (woody plants that are cut back heavily each spring) and perennials. Featuring the "chromas" of red, blue, yellow, and purple these borders are every changing through the gardening season.

All American Selection Bed-
Please come and visit our new location for the All American Selection Display.
This area is planted new each year.  For the 2013  display our Staff  came up with a design, and planted it. The garden is comprised of a large variety of Annuals, Vegetables, and even a few perennials!

All-America Selections is an independent, non-profit organization that tests new varieties then introduces only the best garden performers as AAS Winners.
Judges look for significantly improved qualities such as earliness to bloom or harvest, disease or pest tolerance, novel colors or flavors, novel flower forms, total yield, length of flowering or harvest and overall performance.
The AAS Winners offer gardeners reliable new varieties that have proven their superior garden performance in Trial Grounds across North America When you purchase an AAS Winner, you know that it has been put through its paces by an independent, neutral trialing organization and has been judged by experts in their field. The AAS Winner label is like a stamp of approval.

AAS logo
All American Selection bed


Download a complete PDF file of the plant legend for the Donald B. Lacey Display Garden

Here are just a few of this years plants.

Arcototis Grandis Cassia Didymobotiya
Arcototis grandis Cassia didymobotiya 'Popcorn Plant'
Salvia guarenetica
Salvia guarenetica 'Black and Blue' Gomphrena globosa 'Fireworks'
Rudbeckahirta hirta 'Denver Daisy'