American Hollies

Photo: American and Winterberry Hollies.

Begun as an evaluation of varieties in the 1950's, this group became the springboard for Dr. Elwin Orton's American Holly (Ilex opaca) breeding programs.

This original planting, together with a number of Dr. Orton's recent selections (including 'Dan Fenton', 'Jersey Princess', 'Jersey Delight' and 'Jersey Knight') compose one of the largest collections of American Hollies in the United States.

If you are looking to explore a different and unusual collection of native evergreens, this collection should certainly be on your list to visit.

Photo: Holly House.

Located adjacent to the Holly collection is the Holly House. The Holly House serves as the headquarters for the Garden Club of New Jersey. It also serves as the site for a number of continuing education classes and methods of using a variety of unusual plant materials in a 'Residential' garden setting.