Corporate/Large Group/Fraternal Volunteering



Many Corporations, Fraternal and Community Organizations encourage their employees to spend a few hours or a day at Rutgers Gardens, volunteering their services as part of a “Community Service Workday.”   Rutgers Gardens is able to maintain the high quality of plant displays, plant materials and conduct successful community events for all of our visitors to enjoy with the help of our volunteer program.
Would you like to spend a day with your colleagues out of the office, getting your hands dirty? Perhaps our corporate volunteer workdays could be a great team building activity for you and your organization?
We have a variety of volunteer opportunities around the gardens throughout the year. These tasks provide a great chance for work colleagues to come together as a team and complete a project in beautiful surroundings - very different to a normal day at the office!

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Several companies from around this area encourage their employees to spend a few hours or a full day with us at the Garden, volunteering their services.

Deloitte Corp, J & J, L’Oreal, and GE Healthcare employees have worked in the past with our superintendent, interns and horticulturist, performing much needed projects every season.

Corporate volunteers are also needed to assist with staffing at special events held in the Garden such as Spring Flower Fair, Open House, and Fall Festival.

Companies may also donate equipment, money, or sponsor events as needed.


All dates for workdays will be confirmed once application and availability have been confirmed.  Please fill out form completely and return to the Volunteer Coordinator:

download the Volunteer Application PDF file to your computer, fill ih the requested fields, save and email to MaryAnne McMillan or print application and mail/fax to:

Rutgers Gardens
MaryAnne McMillan
112 Ryders Lane
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8519