Corporate/Community Group Volunteering

The benefits of Corporate and Community work days are just simply amazing! People power can get what seems to be an enormous job done in a limited amount of time.  Corporate/fraternal volunteers become exposed to what it takes to help the gardens look the way they do and at the same time the work day can be a valuable personal learning experience.
In most cases, corporate work days are usually held on a normal work day; the staff of the corporations are paid by their company, yet come and work in the gardens, supervised by garden staff. Tasks can include anything from pruning, planting, mulching, rubbish removal, and weeding. Fraternities and sororities from Rutgers University donate time as part of a community service project and those volunteers have numbered in the 100’s over the past few years.  Fourteen corporations or organizations from central New Jersey have come to Rutgers Gardens to help in the past year.  Projects have included cleaning, clearing and mulching the Bamboo forest trails, major cleanup in the lilac gardens, and most recently planting of over 70 Azaleas in the rhododendron gardens.

“Let’s have a corporate work day” is music to our ears!  

L'Oreal Scarlet Day of Service
L'Oreal Corporation
Rutgers Alumni Day of Service


Some of our Corporate/Community partners include:

GE Healthcare, Deloitte ,Verizon, L’Oreal, Latter Day Saints youth group, East Brunswick Cub Scouts, J & J Corporate and other J & J Finance groups, Scarlet Day of Service (alumni), Starbucks, Team Charity, East Brunswick High School, Rutgers Habitat for Humanity, and Merck.


For more information on Corporate/Community volunteer opportunities contact MaryAnne McMillan