Tribute and Memorial Gifts

New Memorial Tree

Honor a loved one, pay tribute to a friend or mark a special anniversary or milestone while helping to care for and expand the tree collection at the Gardens. With a donation of $1,000.00 you can select a tree from our list of planned acquisitions to be planted as a gift or memorial. Your gift will cover the cost of the tree, planting and maintenance of the tree, as well as the memorial plaque.

Adopt a Tree

Rich with history, the Gardens has 5 existing trees that maybe "adopted" and cared for in Honor of an individual. A memorial plaque will be attached to the tree. The more historic and noteworthy the tree, the higher the level of donation. For information on trees that are available for adoption please contact Bruce Crawford.

Weeping White Pine
Roy DeBoer Evergreen Garden

Kobus Magnolia
Shrub Garden

Weeping Hemlock
Roy DeBoer Evergreen Garden


Metasequoia glyptostroboides

Dawn Redwood

Ilex opaca
'Portia Orton '




Special spaces designed for resting and relaxation are important to the Gardens These settings are perfect for meditation or to just admire the scenery. The $3,000.00 donation level for a memorial bench includes the cost of the bench, plaque, installation and maintenance of the bench for appearance for ten years and may be renewed for an additional ten years at the donation level of $3,000.00.