Spring Flower Fair Vegetables


Abraham Lincoln
Heirloom. Developed in 1923, this red, beefsteak-like, excellent sandwich tomato. Indeterminate. 105 days.

Aker’s West Virginia
Heirloom. 1 lb. , smooth with very little cracking or other blemishes. A treasured family heirloom from West Virginia. Indeterminate. 85 days. Not available in 2017

Amana Orange
Heirloom. 2 lb beefsteak light-orange, fluted Indeterminate.

Amish Gold Slicer
3 to 4" round slicer 80 days. Not available in 2017

Amish Paste
Heirloom variety produces 8 oz paste-type fruit with an oblong oxheart shape. Indeterminate. 85 days.

Anna Russian Heirloom
Heirloom Large, juicy pinkish-red oxheart-shaped tomatoes consistently weigh 1 lb. or just under. Flavor is superb. Indeterminate. 70 days.

Aunt Ruby’s German Green
Heirloom. The green fruit become amber tinged when fully ripe. Slices are lime green, resembling a sliced kiwi. Fruits are 5 inches by 4 inches and many weigh over a pound. Indeterminate.


An improved hybrid, this huge red beefsteak produces large, meaty, classic beefsteak-type tomatoes until frost. Fruit is tolerant of cracking. Indeterminant. 80 days

Beefsteak is one of America’s favorites for the solid, meaty, flavorful red fruit that weighs up to 24 ozs. Vigorous vines and outstanding fruit taste and quality. Indeterminate. 90 days.Not available in 2017

Belgian Giant
Dark pink 1-2 lbs. 88 days.

Berkeley Tie Dye

The vivid, rosy-blushed fruit has iridescent, green skin with sunny yellow streaks and an interior that's a fascinating kaleidoscope of green with trails of red and yellow.

Better Boy
10 oz hybrid 70 days.Not available in 2017

Better Bush VFN
Hybrid. Better Bush VFN Hybrid Perfect for large containers or small gardens, Compact plants with 8 oz. fruit Plants grow 3 to 4 ft. tall with an upright habit, staking needs minimal. Indeterminate. 68 days.

Betterbush Imp
Hybrid 4" fruits.Not available in 2017

8-16 oz slicers.Not available in 2017

Big Beef
Hybrid. Large, avg. 10-12 oz. , mostly blemish-free, globe-shaped red fruit. Indeterminate. AAS winner

Heirloom. 3 " deep red fruits Dwarf plants require no staking or pruning. 65-77 Days. Determinate.Not available in 2017

Brandywine, Black
Heirloom. Require no staking or pruning. 3-inch, deep red fruits are produced even in cold, damp weather. Has produced as much as 40 pounds of fruit from a single plant! Indeterminate 65-77 Days.

Black Cherry
Open Pollinated. One of the only round, black cherries available with a characteristic dark purplish color. One inch fruits average 1-1 ½ oz. Indeterminate.

Black from Tula
Heirloom. 14 oz. Rich full flavor, great for slicing and canning. Indeterminate. 75-85 days.

Black Krim
Heirloom. Large, dark red-purple fruit. Sweet, full flavor. Indeterminate 80 days.

Black Prince

From the region of Siberia, it is more apt to set fruit in cool climates. The small, dark-red, slightly pear-shaped fruits begin maturing a little more than 2 months after planting, no matter where you live. Yields from 25 to 40 pounds of tomatoes per plant over a 3-month harvest season. 70-90days

Black Vernissage

This 2 to 3 ounce saladette variety is very good for fresh eating, salads, drying or making sauces. Very productive over a long season. Deep mahogany, striped with green. Like most black tomatoes, the flavor is pleasingly rich, especially tasty in sauces. 75 days indeterminate


An elongated, plump, bullet-shaped cherry that are 2 1/2" long and 1 1/4" wide. Radiant golden fruit with ruby streaks. Wonderful flavor. Indeterminate. 70 days

Box Car Willie
Heirloom. Reddish-orange fruits averaging a large 10 to 16 oz. Crack-free and disease resistant. Indeterminate.

Brandy Fred

'BrandyFred' is a high yielding, potato leaf dwarf variety that produces smooth, oblate, purple fruit that range between ten to sixteen ounces and possess a rich, well-balanced, delicious flavor. Is a dwarf or Tree Type, whereby it develops a very compact plant but is indeterminant. Great for containers. 75 days

Brandywine Pink
Heirloom. This popular beefsteak-sized, Amish tomato produces rosy pink fruits loaded with an old-fashioned tomato taste. It is considered one of the benchmarks for intense tomato flavor. The indeterminate vines are vigorous, so use tall cages. Vines yield tomatoes that ripen gradually until frost. Plants have “potato leaf” foliage. 80-100 days. Indeterminant.

Brandywine Red
Heirloom beefsteak with great taste. 75-80 days.

Bush Early Girl
Compact plants grow to just 24" tall, producing extra-early yields of big, 8 to 12 oz. fruits 54 days.

Heirloom. The fruit are smooth, large, and beautiful, being one of the darkest and prettiest of the purple types. Indeterminated 90 days.

Carolina Gold

Very flavorful, golden-yellow fruits are low in acidity. Extra-large fruits are meaty with a sweet, mild flavor. The tomatoes ripen uniformly on vigorous, widely adaptable plants. Resistant to Verticillium and Fusarium Wilt.Not available in 2017

Caspian Pink
Heirloom. Large, pink beefsteak fruits average 10 to 12 oz. Comparable to Brandywine. Indeterminate 80 days.

Celebrity (AAS)
70 days Strong plants bearing masses of smooth, round, bright red tomatoes. 8 oz uniform color. Determinate.

Chef's Choice Green (AAS)

The newest addition to the Chef’s Choice series produces beautiful green colored fruits with subtle yellow stripes and a wonderful citrus-like flavor and perfect tomato texture.Not available in 2017

Chef's Choice Orange (AAS)

Experience the wonderful flavor of an orange heirloom tomato in only 75 days from transplant. And, it is disease resistant! Chef's Choice Orange has a wonderful bright, almost neon, internal color and superior flesh taste and texture for an early maturing orange tomato.

Cherokee Carbon

Large, 10 to 12 ounce beefsteak-type fruits deliver a rich, robust flavor perfect for sandwiches, salsa, sauces or simply eating alone. A cross of Cherokee Purple and Carbon.

Cherokee Chocolate
Heirloom. A stabilized version of Cherokee Purple, this 10 to 16 oz. mahogany-colored variety has excellent flavor and beautiful large fruit. Indeterminate. 75 days.

Cherokee Purple
Heirloom. Uniquely colored dusty rose-brown fruits weigh up to 12 ounces. Indeterminate, 75-90 days.

Comstock Sauce and Slice
An Italian variety originally introduced in the early 80's. Meaty, deep-red, roma shaped fruits weigh up to 1 pound and have very few seeds. A dual-purpose variety excellent for canning, pastes, sauces and fresh eating. 80-85 days. Indeterminate

1 lb. Golden yellow and red stripes. Their gold flesh is streaked with red A stabilized cross between Green Zebra and Marvel Stripe, Indeterminate. 85 days.

Costoluto Genovese
Heirloom. Oddly shaped tomato. Good for tomato juice. Deep red fruit with orange shoulders that are squat and so ribbed they’re nearly pleated. Indeterminate 85 days.

Dr. Carolyn Cherry Tomato

65 days. Pale yellow cherries offer a burst of fresh, sweet flavor. They weigh about 1 oz each. Not available in 2017

Dr. Lyle
Pink heirloom 1 lb. + 80 days.Not available in 2017

Heirloom. Purplish-pink fruit that are almost all solid meat. Similar to Giant Belgium, but a little flatter in shape. Indeterminate. 85 days. Not available in 2017

Dwarf Crimson Sockeye

A regular leaf variety that produces large yields of medium (four to ten ounce), pink fruits. The fruits are smooth-skinned with slightly-ribbed shoulders, oblate in shape, with a well-balanced flavor. 90 days, tree type determinate. Ideal for containers!

Dwarf Mahogany

The compact dwarf, regular leaf plants produce fruits that are a deep red with chocolate colored (yellow-skinned black) shoulders. They are medium to large in size (five to twenty ounces), oblate shaped, with flesh that is very firm in texture and rich, well-balanced (sweet and slightly tart) and intense in flavor. 85 days, tree type. Ideal for containers.

Early Girl, VFF
Hybrid. Early slicing tomatoSolid 4-6 oz. fruit. Disease resistance is good Indeterminate. 52 days.

Enormus Plum
8 to 16-oz., 3-inch wide x 7-inch long, large, red plum 85 days.Not available in 2017


A fantastic mini-plum bred for small gardens and pots. Bright red fruits are about twice as large as grape tomatoes with sweet flavor. Plants grow only 15 inches tall, but produce amazing yields. Has some tolerance to Late Blight. 60 days, determinate. Ideal for containers!

Gardeners Delight
Heirloom. Grape-like, red, sweet, ¾" fruits in clusters of 6 to 12. Sugar-sweet crack resistant and bears until frost. Hardy vines require staking or caging. 80 days Indeterminate.

German Head
Dark pink beefsteak heirloom.Not available in 2017

German Johnson Pink
A potato leaf version of the heirloom German Johnson. Vigorous, vines produce mild-flavored, meaty, rough, 12 to 24 ounce fruits with pink skin, yellow shoulders, and low acid flavor. Highly rated for flavor and yield. 80 Days Indeterminate.

German Strawberry
Heirloom 1-lb fruit are shaped like a giant, red strawberry. 85 days. Not available in 2017

Giant Belgium
Heirloom. Plant produces good yields of huge 2 -5 lb dark pink beefsteak tomatoes. Tomatoes are very sweet, are meaty, and turn dark pink when mature. A low acidity tomato that is excellent for salads, sandwiches, and canning. So huge you only need one slice per sandwich. Indeterminate. 85 days.

Gold Medal

Yellow fruit are blushing with rosy red that radiates from the blossom end. Lovely! The firm flesh is of superior quality, being sweet and mild. They have very little acid; great for fresh eating. 75-90 days, the fruits weigh up to 1 pound!

Green Zebra
Open pollinated. Beautiful chartreuse with deep lime-green stripes, very attractive. Flesh is bright green and very rich tasting, sweet with a sharp bite. Around 3 ounces. This is the tomato colored for the Green Bay Packers. Indeterminate. 75 days.

Heirloom. Produces good yields of large 2 lb orange-yellow beefsteak tomatoes with red and pink streaks. Very flavorful. Excellent for salads and sandwiches. Indeterminate. 85 days.

Early cherry. Plant 5-6 ft tall. Not available in 2017

Howard German
Heirloom. Large harvests of 5-½ inch long, pointed paste tomatoes that weigh about 5 ozs. and are very meaty with a good, rich flavor. The shape is somewhat variable - most appear like a plump banana pepper, although some may look more like an elongated pear. Indeterminate. 80 days.

Hungarian Heart
Heirloom. Oxheart tomatoes have been popular for generations because of their excellently flavored, meaty, large tomatoes that provide lots of solid good eating with very few seeds. The fruit of Hungarian Heart follows suit, with large, pink heart-shaped tomatoes that become 1 lb. and are just luscious. Indeterminate. 85 days.

Indigo Rose
Open pollinated. The 2 inch round fruit have nearly blue skin that occurs on the portion of the fruit that is exposed to light, while the shaded portion starts out green and turns deep red when mature. Inside, the flesh reveals the same rouge tone with a superbly balanced, multi-faceted tomatoey flavor. Indeterminate.

Isis Candy Cherry
Open pollinated. Its golden-yellow fruit, marbled with red, contains a complex blend of richness, sweetness, and fruitiness. The plants are loaded with 1 ½ inch fruit on short trusses in double rows of 6-8. Season-long production. Indeterminate. 73 days.

Jasper (AAS)

Great texture and sweetness of this tomato, combined with uniformity of the fruits that grow on vigorous, healthy plants. Jasper is a high yielding variety with fruits that stay on the vine and then hold well after ripening both on the vine and post-harvest. Vigorous vines require little or no fertilization. An added bonus is fusarium resistance and the ability to overcome weather-related stresses

Jersey Devil
Open pollinated. 4- to 6-inch, tapered, red, banana-shaped tomatoes. Very meaty and sweet with few seeds—great for sauces, salsas, or even eating fresh. Color is a gorgeous bright red and yield is impressive. Indeterminate. 90 days.

Hybrid (VF) Prolific producer of big, globe-shaped fruits that ripen all the way through. Excellent flavor with low acidity. Nice, compact habit. Indeterminate.

Hybrid. 1999 AAS Winner. Famous for yielding the first elongated, grape-like fruits that don’t crack! Clusters of unusual, sweet-flavored fruits cling to the vine longer than any other cherry tomato. Indeterminate.

Kangaroo Paw Yellow

A later season variety with plants that are vigorous, prolific, uniform, and dwarf in habit with regular leaf foliage.  The fruits are round to flattened-globe in shape, two to eight ounces in weight, and are bright yellow in color with orange/gold shoulders. The flavour is citrus/fruity sweet with a hint of tangy. 90 days, determinate. Great in Containers!

KC 146
Heirloom. KC-146 (also known as Campbell’s 146) was developed in Riverton, NJ by Campbell’s tomato breeder George B. Reynard and released in 1956. This variety was wilt-resistant, crack-resistant and better flavored than other processing types. Semi-determinated.

Hybrid. Legend has shown strong tolerance of late blight fungus. So even in the most virulent areas, gardeners have a great chance of harvesting ripe tomatoes. Legend produces amazingly sweet tomatoes, with just the right amount of acid flavor. The big 4-5 inch fruit are glossy red, with a uniform round shape. Determinate. 68 days.

Lemon Cherry
Hybrid pale yellow cherry tomatoes. 58 days.Not available in 2017

Lime Green Salad

Compact plants bloom with bouquet-type sprays followed by loads of small lime green tomatoes that ripen further to amber. 3 to 5 oz. fruit is chartreuse inside and full of juice and good, tangy flavor that is somewhat spicy. If planting in the garden, put these in front as an attractive border. Very tasty and novel variety. Determinate. 58 days. Ideal in Containers!

Mega Bite
Hybrid 3-4" slycing 70 days. Not available in 2017

Midnight Snack (AAS)

The improved taste of this indigo-type cherry tomato combined with its high levels of anthocyamin pigments make this the perfect healthy snack. The 1-1/2", red fruit blushed with purple-black are ready to enjoy straight from the vine or in your favorite salad. 65-70 days Indeterminate

Missouri Pink Love Apple
Heirloom from the Ozarks. A big, pink, wonderfully flavored tomato that produces plenty and is well adapted to our climate (Ozarks). Grown in the Ozarks since the civil war, this tomato has stood the test of time. Indeterminate. 85 days.

Moby Grape

These firm, sweet, dark-red grape tomatoes grow 1 1/4 inch long x 3/4 inch wide, perfect for a healthy snack or salad. The vigorous vine that can reach 8 to 9 feet tall in a season, easily growing over the top of the cage and back down again. This makes an absolutely beautiful branch of grape tomatoes that you can lay out on a table and let folks pick their own from the stem (like grapes). Resistant to fusarium wilt, alterneria stem canker, and gray leaf spot, and bacterial spec race. 62 days Indterminate.

Heirloom. Greenhouse variety that produces 4-6 oz globes that are intensely red, smooth and of very high quality. This variety grows well in hot humid climates and greenhouses; sets in most any weather. Indeterminate. 75-80 days.

Moreton F1
Hybrid. An early season variety grown by Jersey farmers in 1960’s. Seed was off the market for a few years and Rutgers NJAES worked with Harris Seeds and Eastern Seed Services to bring it back. Indeterminate.

Mortgage Lifter
Heirloom. smooth, 1-lb. pink fruit have a delicious, rich, sweet taste. Saved by M. C Byles in West Virginia who sold plants for $1. 00 in 1940 and paid off his $6,000 mortgage in 6 years Indeterminate. 85 days.

Heirloom 4-6 oz.Not available in 2017

Mr. Stripey
Heirloom. Mr. Stripey’s mild, sweet-tasting fruits have a high sugar content and grow to over 1 lb. each. Yellow covered with pinkish-red striping. Indeterminate.

Omar's Lebanese

Huge, pink fruit can grow as large as 3-4 lbs! The mammoth fruit have a superb flavor with a sweet, perfect tomato taste. Good yields on vigorous plants, good tolerance to disease; a rare family heirloom from Lebanon. 80 days. Indeterminate.

Hybrid. Excellent for containers and small gardens, bearing 3 to 4 oz tomatoes on strong, compact plants that grow only 2 feet tall. Determinate.

Paul Robeson

Amazing flavor that has a very distinctive, sweet and smokey flavor. Originating from Russia, the 7-10 oz. fruit are a black-brick color. Named in honor of the famous opera singer and star of 'King Solomon's Mines' in 1937, who stood up the the infamous McCarthy committee in the 1950's.

Patio Choice Yellow (AAS)
Eye-catching bright yellow fruits are as attractive to look at as they are to eat! Small, cascading plants are prolific yielders of delicious 2 oz., cherry-sized fruits. Great for snacking, salads or for adding a pop of color to your favorite recipes. 50-60 Days Determinate Perfect for containers.

Heirloom, golden-orange 1-2 lbs.

Heirloom. Huge, meaty, 1-pound, red-and-yellow streaked tomatoes. Indeterminate. 90 days.

Pink Girl
Hybrid 6 to 8 oz. low acid. 76 days.

Pink Oxeheart

The large spreading vines of Oxheart tomatoes bear good amounts of 10 to 16 ounce fruit! Fruit is heart shaped, bright pink in color with a nice mild flavor. Flesh is solid, with few seeds.Not available in 2017

Pork Chop
Most yellow tomatoes are actually orange, but this is a true yellow. Slightly flattened, 8 to 10 ounce beefsteak fruits ripen from yellow with green stripes to gold. Great sweet tomato flavor with a hint of citrus. 75 Days Indeterminate

Prudens Purple
Heirloom. Early Brandywine type. Large to very large 1 lb. fruits are flattened and smooth and resist cracking. Vivid dark pink skin with crimson flesh. Medium tall, potato-leaf plants. Indeterminate.

Purple Russian
Heirloom. Dark purple to black, oblong-shaped tomatoes 4" Indeterminate. 80 days.

Hybrid. Developed at Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) and released in 1968. Ramapo seed was unavailable for many years, but it is back! Semi-determinate. 80 days to maturity.


Named after the fairy tale character, due to the unique and long cascading trusses with up to 40 fruits. Very flavorful, bright red, 3/4 to 1 ounce cherry tomatoes make the perfect addition to salads and veggie trays. 68-70 Days Indeterminate

Red Pear
One of the oldest American heirlooms, with a sweet and juicy flavor, produces hundreds of deep red pear-shaped fruit. An indeterminate grower, the fruits are crack resistant and add a zesty flavor to salads and vegetable platters.Not available in 2017

Red Rose

A cross between Brandywine and Rutgers, it produces good yields of 6 to 10 oz. delicious dark pink fruit. Disease and crack-resistance are inherited from Rutgers, and the tomato's taste and texture is more like that of Brandywine. Indeterminate. 85 days

Roma Plum

A most popular variety for paste, sauce and canning. Compact vines yield large harvests of 3-inch, pear-shaped, bright red fruit. Thick walled and solid, with few seeds and good flavor. Determinate. 78 days

Heirloom from Pennsylvania. Large, crack resistant, 10 oz. fruits are meaty and dusty rose colored. Flavor is excellent, and is considered by some to rival Brandywine. Indeterminate.


Good for canning; also good fresh; large red 8-oz. globes. Good yields and flavor on large vines. A fine New Jersey heirloom. 60-100 days. Determinate.

Rutgers 250
Open pollinated. All-purpose variety,ideal for canning. Ripens evenly from inside out. Bright red fruits with heavy walls average about 7 oz. Disease resistant. A return of the tast of the original Rutgers tomato of 1934Indeterminate. 74 days.

Rutgers Space Select

As part of a scientific study, NASA launched seeds of the famous Rutgers (CS) tomato into space in the spring of 1984. The seed orbited Earth on the Long Duration Exposure Facility for nearly six years, and now we are very proud to offer our Rutgers CS Space Select, direct descendant of those experimental seeds. Beautiful, 2-2 1/2 inch, medium-sized slicers have a rich, robust, out of this world, tomatoey flavor and well-balanced texture. Plants produced well into the cooler days of early fall. 75 days Semi-determinate.

San Marzano
Heirloom. Later than Roma, with superb flavor in slightly rectangular-shaped fruits, 3½" x 1½", that are bright red and hang in large clusters. Good for canning. Indeterminate. 85 days.

San Marzano Lampadina

An Italian standard for sauce and paste, a heavy producer. The fruit are long and fleshy with few seeds.

Sleeping Lady

A mid-season variety that has stout, central stems, grows to three feet tall, and has dark green, regular leaf foliage. The fruits are smooth and round to oblate in shape, ranging from three to six ounces, and ripen to a chocolate-mahogany color. Flavor is well balanced and pleasant. Very prolific. 85 days Tree-type determinate. Ideal in Containers!!

Speckled Roman
Hybrid. Cross between Antique Roman and Banana Legs. 3x5 in Red color with orange stripes. For paste or fresh eating. Not available in 2017

Hybrid. All-America Selections Winner! Plant produces high yields of glossy red grape shaped tomatoes. Tomatoes are very sweet and perfect for salads and gourmet dishes. Grows in clusters like grapes too. Indeterminate. 60 days. Not available in 2017

Sun Gold
Hybrid. Exceptionally sweet, bright tangerine-orange cherry tomatoes leave customers begging for more. Vigorous plants start yielding early and bear right through the season. Tendency to split precludes shipping, making these an exclusively fresh-market treat. The taste can’t be beat. Indeterminate.

Sunny Boy
Hybrid yellow 16 oz beefsteak.

Super Fantastic
Hybrid. 10 oz Indeterminate. 70 days.

Sun Sugar
Hybrid. Golden cherry ½ oz. Indeterminate.

Big, red fruits with flavor, size and quality! Mid-season beauties are firm, meaty, very large and slightly oblate in shape - smooth, with excellent resistance to cracking. Plants are vigorous and disease resistant. 75 Days Indeterminate


Introduced in 1980, this is the modern version of the old-fashioned beefsteak, with the imperfections removed. The fruit has the same rich flavor, but slightly more acid, and is smoother and less prone to catfacing; smaller core and blossom end scar. Average weight is 1 lb., but they often grow to 2 lbs. Indeterminate. 80 days.

Super Sweet 100 VF
Hybrid. 1 oz. cherry tomatoes Long clusters of fruit load up on tall, vigorous plants and continue to bear until frost. Indeterminate. 65 days.

Sweet 100 VF
Hybrid. Huge, multiple-branched clusters of ½-inch very sweet fruit with high vitamin C content. Vigorous vines bear abundantly until frost and need staking for best results. Indeterminate. 65 days.Not available in 2017

Sweet Aperitif
Very sweet cherry. Open pollinated.

Sweet Million
Hybrid. 3 foot tall plants produce 1–1½-inch fruit in grape-like clusters. A truss of these ‘two bite’ size tomatoes is wel6come next to any mixed greens salad. Very disease resistant. F1, F2, TMV. Indeterminate 65-75 days.

Sweet Olive
Hybrid red grape. Not available in 2017

Tasmanian Chocolate
A unique class of dwarf tomatoes! Sturdy, 2 to 3 foot plants, with dark green rugose foliage, produce large 8 to 12 ounce, beefsteak type fruits that ripen to a beautiful mahogany red. Delicious, well-balanced flavor and perfect for eating fresh or cooked. A cross between New Big Dwarf and Paul Robeson. 70 Days Dwarf- determinate. Great for small spaces and containers

Tennessee Suited

A vigorous, regular leaf variety that produces fruits that are a rich purple color with green stripes. They are medium-sized (four to ten ounce), smooth, oblate in shape, very juicy and tender with a delicious, well-balanced flavor that is neither too tart or too sweet.  As with any thin-skinned pink/purple variety, the fruit are somewhat prone to radial cracking if exposed to wet weather conditions. 80 days Determinate tree type.

Heirloom. Tasty 2-inch round fruits are bright red with orange stripes. The yields are high even in cool summers, and it starts producing very early. It also has good disease resistance. Indeterminate. 55-75 days.

Tiny Tim
Heirloom cherry. 12" dwarf good for containers. Not available in 2017

Tlacalula Pink
Heirloom. A unique tomato collected in Tlacalula, Mexico; pear-shaped with deep ribs and ruffles. Mild, sweet, pink flesh and pink skin with gold-splotched shoulders. A rare tomato grown in Mexico for several generations. Indeterminate. 75-85 days.

Todd County Amish

This wonderful heirloom beefsteak was handed down from an Amish family living in Minnesota and has big, luscious dark pink tomatoes that slice into pure heaven on a plate. The flavor is rich yet sweet, and the tomato interior is almost as meaty as an oxheart type. Excellent productivity. Indeterminate. 75 to 80 days.

Tomatoberry Garden
Hybrid. Petite, tapered fruits 1" with more juice than some cherry tomatoes. Indeterminate.

Tumbling Tom Red
Hybrid. Red tomato cascades to 20" or more, For hanging baskets 1-2" fruits, Determinate.

Tumbling Tom Yellow
Hybrid. Yellow tomato cascades to 20" or more, For hanging baskets 1-2" fruits, Determinate.

Viva Italia
Hybrid. Paste type pear shape. Determinate.Not available in 2017

Wapsipinicon Peach
Heirloom. The "peach" tomatoes with light fuzz similar to a peach. Creamy yellow, 2-inch fruits. Indeterminate.

White Tomesol
Heirloom. Cream colored fruit 8 oz. 80 days. Indeterminate.

White Wonder
White tomatoe for canning & juicing. 80 days Open pollinated. Not available in 2017

Yellow Pear
Heirloom. A great tomato just loaded with hundreds of small 1-2 inch yellow pear-shaped fruit. An old-time favorite from Grandma’s garden. Indeterminate. 75-80 days.