Spring Flower Fair Pre-Sale Plants

For Rutgers Gardens Members Only

Welcome to the 2018 selection of Rutgers Gardens “Scarlet Selections.” The "Scarlet Selection" designation means that these are plants well-suited to gardens in New Jersey and they have proven their garden worthiness, many of which are featured in Rutgers Gardens. Limited quantaties of these plants will be available at the Spring Flower Fair and we are offering them to our Members first.

Please mail or fax the order form to the office no later than May 8.



Agave parryi 'Cream Spike' – Cream Spike Agave
4½” pots $16.00
A small rosette-forming succulent that grows to only 4 inches tall by about 6 inches wide with olive green leaves with cream-colored margins and dark brown spines. The margins occasionally have a seasonal slight flush of red at the leaf tip and base. It grows well in light shade or full sun. Plant in a well-drained soil and irrigat little to occasionally.  Although tolerating temperatures to 15°F, it is best to bring it indoors in late October and place it in a sunny window and water every two to three weeks.  An attractive, long-lived and very low maintenance plant that provides interest for both the outdoor and indoor garden!



Allium x 'Millenium' – Millenium Ornamental Onion
(#1 container, $18.00)
An impressive new Ornamental Onion that was awarded the Perennial Plant of the Year for 2018 by the Perennial Plant Association.  The glossy, thick green leaves provide the backdrop for the 2" diameter rosy-purple globe shaped flowers appearing throughout July and August. The flowers are attractive to butterflies.  Easily grown in full sun and well-drained soils, the plants are very resistant to deer browse! 





Calycanthus floridus ‘Burgundy Spice’ Carolina Allspice
(#3 container, $55.00)
The first completely purple foliage Carolina Allspice on the market with deep lustrous purple on both sides of the foliage.  Foliage color is best in full sun, although, is still very respectable in light shade.  Fall color is a rich yellow.  Plant in a moist, yet well-drained location.  Plants are drought tolerant once established and are reasonably resistant to deer browse.



Dicliptera suberecta – Uruguayan Firecracker Plant
(4½” pots, $14.00)
Native to Uruguay and growing to 18” tall by 2’ wide, the attractive fuzzy grey-green leaves serve as the backdrop for the clusters of tubular orange flowers.  The flowers are produced from late spring through fall and are a hummingbird’s delight!!  Plants grow best in full sun and well drained soils.  A zone 7 perennial in Uruguay, it best serves the Gardener as an annual in NJ.



Persicaria affinis – Himalayan Bistort
(4½” pot, 5.00)
A great groundcover plant that is rarely seen or offered.  The matt forming foliage grows 4-6” tall and is a rich green during the growing season, turning bright red come fall and buff during the winter.  From June to October, 3” long clusters of pink flowers appear atop 10” tall spikes.  As the flowers age, they turn dark red and remain very ornamental.  Hardy to zone 5, it thrives best in morning sun or filtered light shade, although we have grown it successfully in full sun.  


Thunbergia alata Tangerine Slice A-Peel® – Black-eyed Susan Vine (7” pot, staked $15.00)
This selection of Black-eyed Susan Vine grows into a festive display, reaching 6-8’ tall in a season. Blooming from May until frost, each brightly colored flower resembles a pinwheel, with each velvety dark eye surrounded by orange-peel colored petals that are edged in yellow. Great for covering lattice or as a spiller in larger containers!  Best grown in full sun and average garden soils.

Carex Carex Carex

Carex cherokeensis – Cherokee Sedge
This robust sedge forms attractive, slowly spreading clumps of arching, fountain-like foliage.  The narrow leaves are a rich dark green and glossy, often remaining evergreen in NJ Gardens.  This sedge is planted most often in woodland or shade gardens in average, moist, or even wet soil.  An ideal candidate for rain gardens, plants are also at home in sunny meadows and seasonally flooded open woodlands.  Plant plugs 18-24” apart.

Native Sedges for groundcover or as a lawn substitute. 10, 2” plugs $35.00; 25, 2” plugs for $81.25   (if you are interested in larger numbers, please call the office at 732-932-8451)

Carex leavenworthii – Leavenworth's Sedge
This is a clumping perennial sedge with very narrow dark green leavesthat makes a handsome, fine-textured groundcover or lawn substitute for the shade garden.  This sedge is lovely as an accent or massed and combined with spring wildflowers, low growing bulbs, or ferns.  In late spring, small, dense, green clusters of flower spikes are held above the leaves.  Plants thrive in partly sunny to shady dry woodlands.  Plant plugs 12-18” apart.

Native Sedges for groundcover or as a lawn substitute. 10, 2” plugs $35.00; 25, 2” plugs for $81.25   (if you are interested in larger numbers, please call the office at 732-932-8451)


Carex pensylvanica – Oak Sedge
Found in dry woodlands, it forms large colonies through the strongly rhizomatous and spreading root system.  The narrow glossy foliage is deep green and a little over 1’ long.  In the wild, this sedge occurs in partial sun or shade in well-drained or dry acidic woodlands.  Oak Sedge is an excellent groundcover or lawn substitute for the shade garden.  Plant plugs 18” apart.

Native Sedges for groundcover or as a lawn substitute. 10, 2” plugs $35.00; 25, 2” plugs for $81.25   (if you are interested in larger numbers, please call the office at 732-932-8451)