Spring Flower Fair Pre-Sale Plants

For Rutgers Gardens Members Only

Welcome to the 2017 selection of Rutgers Gardens “Scarlet Selections.” The "Scarlet Selection" designation means that these are plants well-suited to gardens in New Jersey and they have proven their garden worthiness, many of which are featured in Rutgers Gardens. Limited quantaties of these plants will be available at the Spring Flower Fair and we are offering them to our Members first.

Please mail or fax the order form to the office no later than May 8.



Acer pensylvanicum (Stripped Maple)
3-4’ tall, #2 container $28.00
Stripped Maple is a small tree and grows relatively quickly to a 20-30 feet tall speciman.  Native from Quebec west to Wisconsin and south to Georgia, this maple prefers and actually thrives in shady portion of the garden.  The foliage is attractively coarse and dark green, although the true interest lies in the bark!  Current season’s growth sports red stems, which turns green during the second season with conspicuous white stripes running vertically up the stems.  This tree is ideally situated adjacent to a path or near a window where the stripped bark can be enjoyed year-round.  The small yellow flowers appear in dangling clusters in April into May, which are replaced by hanging clusters of seeds.  Fall color is a rich golden yellow.  Plants prefer well-drained soils, protection from afternoon sun and are hardy throughout NJ!     


Acorus gramineus ‘Pusillus Minimus Aureus’
(Golden Dwarf Sweetflag)  
3” container   $5.00 each OR 5 or more, $4.00 each
This is a fantastic evergreen plant that appears like a grass, but is in an entirely different family.  Golden Dwarf Sweetflag grows to about 4” tall and is ideal for locating between stepping stones, in and amongst steps or even in a moist area where a low, evergreen groundcover is needed.  This plant is tolerant of a range of conditions, thriving in moist soils or even sites with shallow standing water to well-drained locations.  It is an ideal plant for those garden spots that are very wet in winter or following storms but dry during summer droughts.  Perfectly hardy throughout NJ, it is happiest in partial shade conditions although it is tolerant of sunny locations if the soil is amended with organic matter.   I have even seen it growing happily between cracks in stone steps in Birmingham Alabama!  Did I also mention that it is deer resistant!  A tremendous plant for the garden that has yet to be discovered or made available to most gardeners.





Aechmea x ‘Mend’ (Mend Bromeliad)
6” container   $26.00
Every year people always ask for a container plant that will survive if watering is ‘overlooked’ for a week or perhaps even three weeks.  Here is your plant!  During the drought of last August, several of these plants lasted for 4 weeks without water and still looked great!  Not that I would recommend this treatment, but it does highlight their ironclad constitution.  ‘Mend’ has foliage with brilliant red, pink or salmon margins and a deep green center and looks great worked in with other annuals that offer pink, red or white flowers.  In the fall, bring the plant indoors as it makes a great houseplant and can serve as a centerpiece during the Holidays!  Often, the plants will bloom during January into February.  Best in light shade, but will endure direct sunlight, although the foliage may burn slightly.  During the winter, place in a window with morning sun and reduce watering to every two or three weeks.



Camellia japonica 'Hokkaido Red'
#3, 15-18”           $50.00
What a story this plant has for your garden!!  Hokkaido is a large and the most northern large islands of Japan.  Seed was collected by Dr. John Creech of the National Arboretum on the most northerly reaches of this island.  This seed was given to William Flemer III of Princeton Nurseries and his son-in-law, Richard Hesselein picked out the very best form and named it ‘Hokkaido Red’!  Tolerant of temperatures down to -15F, the red trumpet shaped flowers offer an extended blooming period, beginning to bloom on warmer days in late December!  The glossy evergreen foliage assumes a stunning shade of purple throughout the winter and the plant is amazingly sun tolerant.  A must have for the NJ garden!




Carex pensylvanica (Pennsylvania Sedge)
2” plug     10 plugs for $30.00 OR 25 for $68.75
Pennsylvania Sedge has proven to be one of the easiest and best groundcover to grow for dry, shady areas in the garden.  It is a rhizomatous native Sedge that when planted 18” apart will fill in within 4 years to create a reliably dense groundcover that effectively chokes out most weeds.  It also requires no irrigation once established, nor does it need to be cut back or fertilized!  Foliage turns an attractive tan in winter, with the new growth emerging through the previous year’s tan foliage in late April.  By August, the foliage bends over and sways about in attractive patterns, looking much like water running through your garden!!  Plants can be walked upon in low traffic areas (typical to most home gardens) or perennials can be planted into the Carex, allowing the plant to serve as a background.  Looks great with red or blue flowered perennials that grow to 2’ tall.  Completely hardy throughout NJ.



Helianthus annuus'Sunfinity' (Sunfinity Sunflower)
6” pot              $7.50
Sunfinity is an exciting new garden annual that unlike most sunflowers that you have ever seen, these plants do not produce their blooms all at once, but keep blooming all summer long. The look is spectacular, with each 30” tall plant producing dozens of cheery, golden-yellow blooms with dark centers. It is a fantastic plant for the cutting garden with the bonus of also being very popular with our pollinators!  




Parrotia persica ‘Vanessa’ (Persian Ironwood)
#10  10-12'             $235.00

An extremely tough yet underutilized small tree that provides interest to the garden throughout the season!  In early spring, the flowers open to display curious apetalous flowers (meaning, they have not petals!) with deep reddish purple anthers that give the tree a reddish glow.  The green foliage first emerges with a deep red margin, before changing to deep green throughout the summer and then developing a succession of fall colors, often from bronze to red to orange and finally yellow.  In winter, the exfoliating bark and the twisting branch habit takes center stage, giving the appearance that the plant is dancing in a lacey outfit!!  Site in full sun for the best fall color and flower display.  Vanessa offers a more upright habit, allowing it to be a great choice in more confined garden locations.  This is the first time we have offered larger selections – due to the size, the price includes delivery within a 25 mile radius.