Spring Flower Fair Pre Sale Plants

For Rutgers Gardens Members Only

In 2014 we found a few plants that are very difficult or typically very expensive to purchase and – as a benefit of being a Rutgers Gardens Member –we are offering them for sale to the members in advance of the spring sale. 


Please mail or fax the order form no later than May 2.


pre-sale pre-sale

Digiplexis Illumination ‘Flame’ 1qt       
$ 10.00

This intergeneric  hybrid of Digitalis and a Canary Island relative called Isoplexis forms a strongly upright and almost shrubby annual, which continuously pushes out floral spikes from the basal rosette of leaves all season long.  The flowers are a stunning rosy-pink along the outer edges, dissolving into a creamy orange throat.  A stunning new introduction which blooms from spring to hard frost and is very heat tolerant!  Grows to 2’ tall and upwards of 18” wide in one season, Digipliexis is ideal for a container garden or for the annual/mixed border.


Stromanthe sanguinea 'Triostar' – Triostar Stromanthe 6” $ 16.50

 A great addition for containers and it also makes an ideal houseplant. Grown mainly for the beautiful cream, green, and pink foliage, it is ideal for brightening up containers in a dark shady corner of the garden or your house.  In fact, it can serve both purposes with an outdoor setting in the summer and as a houseplant come winter!  Tristar also produces reddish-pink flowers in spring.   It gradually grows to 3 feet tall and slightly wider.  A very easy to grow plant!



pre-sale pre-sale

Gasteraloe 'Flow' – Flow Aloe 4” $9.50

Flow Aloe is actually a Gasteraloe, a hybrid between Gasteria verrucosa and Aloe.  Flow Aloe ‘Flow’ has distinctive thick and oblong leaves covered with white flecks that is typical to Gasteria verrucosa species. Ideal for containers located in a location without direct sunlight, Flow Aloe is an ideal centerpiece for a shady outdoor table or as a houseplant on the kitchen table!  Both the Aloe and Gasteria plants are native to South Africa and as is typical of plants native to this region, they can survive on minimal rainfall and the soil mix should be well draining.  A very easy plant to care for with a very distinctive and architectural appearance!

Paeonia x Itoh ‘Bartzella’– Bartzella Itoh Peony #3 $ 87.50

In 1948, Mr. Toichi Itoh of Japan perfected the art of crossing Tree Peonies (Paeonia suffruticosa) and Herbaceous Peonies (Paeonia lactiflora).  The resulting crosses feature semi-double flowers with exceptionally bright colors and strong, supporting stems that eliminate the need for staking!  The habit is in-between the two species, with short woody stems and deep green deciduous foliage.  Still very rare and scarce in the trade, ‘Bartzella’ is a double flowered form with a spicy sweet fragrance that displays its bright yellow flowers in an upright fashion for all to see!  Growing to 30” tall and wide, and hardy through zone 4, these cultivars simply need soil of average fertility that drains freely and full sun in order to thrive.  Generous sized plants in a large #3 container.

pre-sale pre-sale

Paeonia x Itoh ‘Old Rose Dandy’ – Old Rose Dandy Peony #3       $ 87.50

Similar to the Peony Itoh ‘Bartzella’ described above, but the flowers are single and a beautiful apricot rose in color with dark red markings near the center.  The flowers are also sweetly scented and make great cuts for the dinner table!  The deeply divided and dark green foliage acts as a beautiful backdrop for the flowers.  This cross was completed by Chris Laning in 1993 and is still extremely rare in commerce and in gardens.  As above, there are generous sized plants in a large #3 container.

Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Amethyst’
#3 18-24"  $42.50

Amethyst Oakleaf Hydrangea has large upright panicles the age to a gorgeous wine-red in late August, retaining this color even when cut and used as a dry flower!  The fall color is another outstanding asset, with a bevy of orange, reds and yellows appearing in October and persisting through November.  Native to the SE region of the United States, Amethyst is hardy to zone 5 and performs well in full sun or shade, appreciating soils that do not dry out for extended lengths of time.


Stachyurus chinensis ‘Celina’
#5 container, 18-24”      $ 75.00

Stachyurus chinensis ‘Celina’, commonly called Chinese Spike-Tail, is an extremely rare plant both in the world of botanic and private gardens.  In spring, the long racemes of light yellow flowers appear in March into April.  S. chinensis is noteworthy since it has the longest floral racemes of all the Spike-Tails!  Throughout the summer, the foliage is a crisp, dark green and then come autumn, the foliage changes to shades of oranges and reds!  Plants slowly grow to 6’ tall and 10’ wide and are best situated in locations protected from winter winds where it receives full sun or in partial shade.  Prefers soils that are well amended with organic matter that are not prone to extended periods of drought.  Hardy to zone 6.  Good sized plants in a #5 container