Our Planet Plant It

Our world is filled with beautiful and amazing plants. The grass on our lawns, the flowers in our gardens, and the trees in our forests all represent just a portion of the sheer diversity of flora on our planet!  We have all grown to appreciate the wonderful native plants in our own parts of the world.  In fact, we each celebrate our heritage and home with the vegetables, fruits, herbs, trees, and flowers that are part of our cooking, our landscapes, and our special celebrations. These unique selections of plants from our native homelands have been transported to the far corners of the globe for many centuries.  However, there are still countless extraordinary plants for each of us to discover and to grow in our own gardens.


In 2013, let's celebrate the diversity of wonderful plants from around the world. From the newest nursery introductions, to the native wildflowers of the field and forest, to exotic new additions from lands afar, let's preserve, respect, and delight in all of these wonderful gifts from nature.  This year, please join us and enjoy our many events and programs centered around the variety of plants in our world. It's our planet... plant it!


Take a look at the world map below. Scroll your mouse over the different regions to see what plants we have here in the Gardens that are native to other area of the world.

world map Australia,New Zealand,Tasmania China Japan Russia Africa Caucasus Region South America Mexico, Central America United States and Canada