Off - Season Student Employment


Positions filled for current season.


Although participants in the Public Garden Management Internship Program help keep Rutgers Gardens running smoothly May through August, there are 8 more months in the year! Off-season student employees play a critical role in preparing the gardens for cold weather, providing winter maintenance, grooming gardens for spring planting, and gearing up for one of our most important events of the year—Spring Flower Fair! Tasks include leaf removal, deer fence installation, pruning, greenhouse maintenance, and spring bed preparation, in addition to numerous other important duties. Working side-by-side with the Rutgers Gardens Superintendent, Matthew Jamicky, off-season workers are an integral part of keeping our grounds attractive, safe, and properly maintained during the less-green times of year.

2016 Off-Season Application Download the PDF file to your computer, fill in the requested fields, save and email to Clayton Leadbetter.

For more information please email Clayton or call 732-932-8451.