New Jersey Audubon Society
Friday, May 3rd
5:00 - 8:00 pm
Holly House


Join us on May 3rd for a walk about and presentation by John Parke, Stewardship Project Director - North Jersey Region for NJAS. john has been with NJAS since 2005 helping to enroll a multitude of farmers, landowners and corporate entities into various conservation incentive programs.  John also designs and assists with implementation of numerous habitat restoration projects in the northwestern part of the State on both private and public lands.

John Parke

John Parke, Stewardship Project Director - North Jersey Region

John Parke will discuss how each year, 15,000 acres of New Jersey are converted from agricultural or forest lands for other uses. Unfortunately, conventional development substantially reduces the benefit of these lands for native wildlife. While the New Jersey Audubon's Stewardship Department is working constantly to help preserve, restore and improve larger tracts of land, NJA encourages each individual citizen and property owner, regardless of property size, to provide for the stewardship of their property to help preserve our diminishing plant and wildlife species.  In just a few easy steps, you can turn your backyard, balcony or patch of grass into a habitat for wildlife.
For many years, NJA has promoted the development and maintenance of backyard habitats. Our current educational efforts focus not only on individual yards, but also on other properties such as schoolyards and businesses where humans and wildlife may coexist. This presentation will provide information that has been gathered by naturalists, researchers, and backyard habitat enthusiasts. We hope that you will find this information useful as you work to create and maintain the property entrusted to you - both for your enjoyment and for the benefit of wildlife!
FOR THE WALK PART:  binoculars are not supplied, so bring them along if you have them.  It is highly suggested that you wear comfortable footwear (hiking boots, sneakers, etc.) and appropriate clothing because we will be walking.  It is also suggested you bring water and a snack.  If it is raining we will not do the walk and only do the presentation.

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