The Gardens Go To School



seeds of knowledge


We bring our ‘learn through horticulture’ programs to your classroom or afterschool program site.

  • Interactive presentation
  • Tailored to your curriculum
  • Hands-on activities or games
  • Science/STEM

Programs are available Monday through Friday during the months of September through March. Our standard 1 hour program includes a grade-appropriate topic exploration with either hands-on materials or an interactive game. If you have more time, we can provide a food sampling activity or a planting activity for each student. Programs can be customized to your needs.


in school celery
The Seeds of Food
Science at Work


  • Gardening for the Senses (Exploring plants through all our senses)
  • Plant Diversity
  • Where does our food come from?
  • Plant Life Cycle


Program Details:

Approximately 1 hour

Pricing for up to 30 children

Within 25 miles

25-50 miles

1 hour ‘learn through horticulture’ program



Additional 1 hour programs on the same day




Add-on activities

Price for up to 30 students

Edibles for each student
(30 minutes additional time for tasting)


Planting for each student
(30 minutes additional time to pot-up a plant)


For more information please download and fill out the Information Request and email to Debbie Henry