Garden Steward Tasks

All Aericam Display Garden                                                                                                                               
Rutgers Gardens features an All American Selection Display Garden, providing the public an opportunity to view the newest All American Selection (AAS) winners in an attractive well-maintained setting. Your help is needed to continue offering this quality display.  Responsibilities will include planting, mulching, weeding and maintaining this garden.

Bamboo Trail
The Bamboo trail is a popular walk for children of all ages. During the winter months many branches and leaves fall down, so spring clean up is a big task, followed by adding new mulch to the trails.

Bog Garden / Native Plants
The Bog garden and Native Plant area, originally set up on the compost site for Rutgers’ fall leaf deposit, and adopted for a time by the Native Plant Society, is the location in the gardens where you will find most of the native plants.  The Garden Steward in this area will help with the labeling, care and maintenance.

Butterfly Garden     ** To be relocated, not available at this time
Butterflies frequent our butterfly garden all summer long.  You will learn about the plants that butterflies need to flourish in our area.  Volunteer tasks include pruning the perennials, planting new annuals, weeding and general garden maintenance.

Community Youth Garden
The Community Youth Garden is a place where children come to learn about gardening, to learn about their food sources and to enjoy the outdoors!  Volunteers are needed to assist the program leader in weekly sessions.  As a volunteer in this area, you will also help maintain this area, tending to plants, mulching, weeding and harvesting as it is required.

DBL Display Garden
This garden has grown into one of the finest displays of unusual and colorful annuals, tropical, herbs and vegetables that we know of in the state of New Jersey.  Your help is needed to continue offering this quality display.  Responsibilities will include planting, mulching, weeding and maintaining this garden.

Evergreen/Ella Quimby Garden
The Ella Quimby Garden, at the entrance to the Roy H. De Boer Evergreen Garden, is a series of terraces demonstrating drought tolerant perennial plants.  Garden stewards will help maintain this area while learning about these plants and their requirements. The Evergreen garden offers plants grouped by genus around the great sunken lawn. This is a highly visual area of the gardens as it is the sight of many activities in the gardens, including the many wedding ceremonies that are held each year.

Front Entrance/Sign Bed
An annual change of this display entices the passersby to enter the gardens.  The volunteer garden steward in this area will help in the design and maintenance of this annual garden.

Greenhouse / Holding area
Rutgers Gardens has three greenhouses to keep our plants growing and our volunteers happy during the cold months leading up to our Spring Flower Fair and planting season. There are many activities that will take place in the greenhouses, under the direction of our horticulturist.  Volunteer tasks are dependent upon daily needs of the greenhouse and could include seed saving, propagation, seed germination, transplanting and general greenhouse maintenance.

Holly House garden
This garden design’s concept is to demonstrate a residential patio design that one could use at their own home.  The plant materials offer some unique varieties of perennials that present interesting displays throughout the year.   The garden volunteer stewards will help with the general maintenance of this beautiful garden room.  Container plantings will add to the depth of this display and volunteers will help make this all happen.

There are three garden kiosks that offer the visitors information on the happenings in the gardens. Volunteers are needed to design, freshen up and continually update the kiosks.

Log Cabin
The Log Cabin, a historic building, was built in 1936 by the Work Project Administration (WPA) at a cost to Rutgers University of $5,000 in materials. The Log Cabin is a hub of activity every weekend starting in April and the location for wedding receptions, as well as family picnics and company parties.   The Garden Stewards will work with the annual plant materials; designing an attractive display surrounding the building.  Additionally, container plantings will be designed, planted and maintained by the volunteers.

Office Plantings
The office plantings consist of garden beds surrounding the gardens office and containers on the porch.  The Garden Steward volunteer will help with the design and maintenance of these annual garden displays.

Ornamental Grass
This Monocot collection consists of a variety of ornamental grasses, bamboo, carex and sedge.  Volunteers in this area will learn the general maintenance of this collection from planting, mulching, weeding to cutting back.

Perennial Borders
The perennial borders called the chroma gardens border the annual display garden. They feature grasses, cut backs and perennials.  Garden volunteers will concentrate on cutting back and general maintancence in this area.

Pond Garden
The Pond gardens include the Rain Garden, the neighboring pond, the water fountain in Sun & Shade and the pond in the DBL.  Volunteers will get the pond in the DBL organized, and the cattails under control , check the water level in the fountain in Sun and Shade, clean the filters ever couple of months in the water fall garden in Native Plants, organize, occasionally weed and check for the liner drooping in the Rain Garden.  The cistern will need to be topped off from time to time as well.

Rain Garden
Rain Gardens are intended to be an attractive and environmentally sensitive addition to residential, commercial and municipal properties.  Volunteers will help with the general maintenance of this area from planting, mulching, and weeding.

Red Shed garden
The Garden Steward volunteer will help with the design and maintenance of this annual garden display around our tool shed.

Rhododendron & Azalea Garden
This collection, started in the 1930’s, was designed as a garden community, integrating small trees, a variety of shrubs (focusing on Rhododendrons) and groundcovers.  Labeling, pruning and care will be the major tasks that volunteers will undertake.

Succulent Garden
This annual display of succulents both in the ground and in containers is the perfect garden for the steward that wants to learn more about succulents.  Tasks will include general maintenance and the propagation of additional succulent plants.

Sun & Shade Garden
The Art Rudolph Sun & Shade garden is loaded with extraordinary varieties of perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees.  Garden Stewards will be needed to meet the general maintenance of this garden.

Tribute Gardens
The Tribute Gardens are a growing series of garden rooms and include the Otkens/Ganz garden and the Art Rudolph Sun and Shade garden. These gardens are loaded with extraordinary varieties of perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees.  Garden Stewards will be needed to meet the general maintenance of these gardens.

VSA (Volunteer Supported Agriculture) Vegetable Garden
The VSA program (new in 2013) offers a vegetable garden consisting of 4 quadrants for those volunteers who would to take part in the vegetable display area. Gardeners are requested to volunteer 3 hours a week and in return they will share in a the harvest of vegetables and herbs. Any additional harvest will be shared with local food banks.  All plants will be labeled for educational purposes.